Long live the King! Today the world celebrate the life and times of the King of Reggae. We are thankful for what he gave his people and for what he showed us. His love for Family and Friends is remarkable. He left a foundation for us to build on, one brick at a time, one step at a time and one song at a time. Long live the King! Our King of Reggae “Bob Marley” Selah! “Trench town” was his heart beat Dutty tuff his pillow was the cold concrete Nine miles and a world from his bed rock But never wanting to wake up ina Babylon road block………… ‪#‎BobMarley‬


Rasta, Reggae and Marley…The Holy Alliance

Rasta, Reggae and Marley…The Holy Alliance
In Jamaica, the Seventies will be remembered mostly for three things: Manley’s socialist experiment which revolved around the working class, the Rastafari Renaissance and Marley’s meteoric rise from the bowels of TrenchTown to international prominence.

Rasta, Reggae and Marley…The Holy Alliance

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