Yvad @ Rebel Salute 2016

“Tribute” to the reggae legends.

Here I am hanging out with Reggae Legend Aston Family Man Barrett on a recent trip to Jamaica. It is universally accepted that Bob Marley and the ‘Wailers’ journey, from Trench Town to Tinsel Town would never have been complete without the the musical acumen of Aston Family Man Barrett, in fact the mission would never have been completed without ‘Joe, Carley, Seeko, Rita, Bunny Peter, Tyrone, All, Junior, and others. Our Tribute Video tries to capture the Historic Musical Pilgrimage of the greatest Reggae Band, all within three minutes! Listen Tribute, Buy Tribute, Share Tribute.

One Love Rasta!

Yvad and Famz

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    Yvad music Videos

    Yvad music video Tribute to Bob Marley.
    The name Bob Marley(and the Wailers) is Synonymous with reggae and this has contributed immensely to growth and development of our music.
    We cant deny the work that they have done, And that I as a young Artist stand on their shoulders. Tribute is our way of saying thanks to Bob Marley and the Wailers.

    Yvad music video"Riverton"
    Riverton is a social commentary and reflects the day to day hardships of the people living on Jamaica's largest landfill. The song and video forms part of a larger project and will be the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Riverton.
    Listen to Riverton, buy Riverton and share Riverton.

    Yvad live at Wickie Wackie Kingston Jamaica 2015.

    Yvad Band rehearsal at Tuff Gong Studio kingston Jamaica 2016.

    Yvad @ Red Bones Kingston Jamaica 2015.

    Yvad @ Skyline Levels Kingston Jamaica 2016.

    Yvad @ Tuff Gong Rehearsal studio Kingston Jamaica 2016.

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    Yvad "Nuclear Disaster" video.

    Yvad @ Rehearsal New York City 2015.

    Yvad Promo_web_shot vers. from Darlington Mubataripi on Vimeo.

    Yvad "Nuclear Disaster" video.

    Yvad "Sweet Candy" music video.

    Yvad "We need love" music video.

    Yvad "Nuclear Disaster" music video.

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    Yvad music video "Preach"

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